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For the past 10 years, Becky has been instrumental in helping us tell the JA story. Becky is not only talented and creative, but she is also exceptionally easy to work with. Whether she is working on a video featuring students in a classroom or producing tribute videos for the Colorado Business Hall of Fame, Becky always manages to capture our ideal vision.”
Junior Achievement and The Colorado Business Hall of Fame



Junior Achievement and The Colorado Business Hall of Fame

Becky is creative, energetic, attentive and committed to our success with her product. She has an excellent eye for details and can take our ideas and make them come alive! At ease with professional talent as well as those new to being in front of a camera, Becky is kind, professional and caring. She takes the time to make sure we are happy with the finished product, and her projects for us are always of superb quality. We appreciate her flexibility and positive “can do” attitude–and she is great with time sensitive items! We are honored to work with Becky!



Tagawa Gardens

Wow! Thank you for your professional production of the Colorado Business Hall of Fame Laureate  Vignettes.  They are by far some of the best videos we have ever had. As you know, an excellent video can  make or break a  program-the opening video, the 5 vignettes and the closing montage you put together  clearly MADE our event!  Thanks!



Colorado Business Hall of Fame